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bakespace.comIt’s not all that difficult to find a group of foodies to join for cooking ideas, restaurant tips and other food-related chit chat. Not only are there sites like Chowhound and Group Recipes, but there are plenty of message boards floating around, affiliated with one website or another. Naturally, baking comes up with regularity on forums like these, but the website BakeSpacewas created specifically to give bakers a place to meet up – online, of course – with other bakers. The appeal of joining a targeted social-networking site like this is that it immediately puts you right into the heart of an existing group with similar interests, unlike, for instance, ambling around existing food blogs and making friends by starting comment discussions (which, for the record, is actually not that bad of an idea if you specifically want to chat with the writer or another regular commenter).

If you’re not interested in actually signing up for BakeSpace, you can still take advantage of the community by reading through their forums or perusing their recipe database.

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  • surviving
    July 31, 2007

    Thank you for writing about this. I just joined. It looks great!

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