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Finding the perfect burger

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Burgers were big in the major food sections this week as everyone gears up for the summer, which is widely regarded as prime burger season. The NY Times recommended grinding your own meat for the best burger (it can be done in a food processor). The Washington Post likes their burgers a little thinner and leaner. Epicurious likes red-leaf lettuce on theirs and iFoods has an instructional video to help the process along. Elise makes hers in a grill pan, rather than a bbq grill and The Food Geek has a tried-and-true veggie burger recipe. Bigger is always better as far as Carl’s Jr, which  introduced a new burger, is concerned and a restaurant in Colorado is keeping a controversial “wopper” on their menu.

The bottom line? Make burgers the way you like them and enjoy. I took some advice from Paula Deen when coming up with my great burger strategy, but if you buy good ingredients, good toppings and make a good bun, you should come out with something delicious – even if it isn’t quite perfect.

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