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Preslice a banana – without peeling it!

bananainstructions2.JPGBananas are not exactly an exciting fruit, although seeing cartoon characters slip on banana peels can be quite funny. That said, there is one fun trick out there that involves a banana and can be used to impress your friends, family and coworkers. It involves slicing a banana into pieces while it is still completely encased in its peel. Preslicing just takes some careful work with a needle and thread, but after you practice on a few fruit, it shouldn’t take too long to made each one. And it’s worth it to see the look one someone’s face when he or she peels the banana and discovers that it is already in pieces.

The complete instruction sheet (with illustrations) is below:


via growabrain

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  • The Faddist
    April 27, 2007

    Actually — and I don’t know why I know this — but this is the old and not as good way to slice a banana without opening it. It’s not good because it takes a long time, it’s not easy, and it’s obvious that something has been done to the banana because there the pin holes become a little brown so there are brown rings all around the banana.

    The better, and easier, way is to take a pin (no thread) and jab it into the banana where you want the first slice to be, then slide it from side to side, cutting the banana inside the peel, you then do that at each point where you want to make a slice. I would put the holes on different sides of the banana at each slice.

  • Nicole
    April 28, 2007

    Excellent tip, The Faddist. And I agree with you that this is not a time-saving way to slice a banana. In probably 99 out of 100 slicings, it is best just to peel the thing first. But having a trick or two up your sleeve – especially if you have kids/neices/grandkids who are easily entertained – is not a bad idea, either!

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