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Roasted Strawberry and Tomato Salsa

Salsa is a condiment with a lot of versatility. Most are tomato-based, of course, but you can add in all kinds of sweet and savory ingredients to give a simple salsa a whole new flavor twist. One twist that I recently put on my homemade salsa was adding strawberries to the mix. This Roasted Strawberry and Tomato Salsa is not your average salsa and, even though it may sound a little outside-of-the-box at first, it is well worth making.

I roasted the strawberries in the oven alongside some fresh tomatoes. Roasting intensified the flavors of both the tomatoes and the berries, bring out even more natural sweetness. You might not think of strawberries as working in savory dishes, but in this salsa, that sweetness that contrasts with hot and smoky flavor of the chipotle pepper that gives the salsa a little heat. The other flavors in the salsa are fresh lime juice and onion, which both give the salsa a little brightness.

Roasted Strawberry and Tomato Salsa
8-oz strawberries
8 oz cherry tomatoes
1-2 tbsp lime juice
¼ cup onion (1/2 smallish onion)
1-2 tsp chipotle in adobo sauce
½ tsp salt
pinch black pepper

Roast strawberries and tomatoes in a 350F oven for 45 minutes. They will be very soft. Allow to cool.
In a food processor, whiz onion and chipotle pepper. Add in lime juice, strawberries, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Pulse several times, until salsa is chopped/blended evenly, but do not let it puree completely.

Chill until ready to serve.

Makes about 1 1/2 cups

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  • McAuliflower
    October 7, 2005

    strawberry salsa is one of my favorites! It’s also very good with sour cream- which turns it even pinker!

    Also- in a quesadilla with brie… heaven!

  • boo_licious
    October 8, 2005

    That looks so good with a big bag of chips.

  • Nic
    October 8, 2005

    McAuliflower – I definately wish that I had made quesadillas to go with this. Do you think I could have found pink cheese to match?

    Boo – Thanks! I’m glad I didn’t make a larger batch, or I would have needed another bag.

  • Barbara
    October 8, 2005

    I must try this combo when summer arrives. I’ve never mixed strawberries and tomatoes. Sounds intriging.

  • Nupur
    October 9, 2005

    What a great combination of flavors! Looks so tempting…

  • augustusgloop
    October 9, 2005

    Wow – i would never think to combine strawberries and tomatoes but it sounds delicious!

  • ilva
    October 9, 2005

    This sound so nice that I have to try it out but I have to admit my ignorance: what is chipotle in adobo sauce, I never seen it here in Italy so probably I have to find some kind of substitute. Can you help me out on this one? Please…

  • Nic
    October 10, 2005

    Ilva – Chipotles are a type of smokes jalapeno pepper that often come packed in a spice blend of vinegar and tomato (and other spices, of course) called adobo sauce. If you can’t find it at a specialty store, which is where you might have to look in Italy, try this recipe to make your own.

  • ilva
    October 10, 2005

    Thanks! Now I understand what it is and maybe there’s something similar here, Italians use a lot of chilies and if I don’t I now know here to look for the recipe!

  • emily
    October 11, 2005

    Hi Nic!
    Lovely picture- doesn’t salsa always look so brilliant in photographs? I’ve never tried strawberry salsa (which is a real pity since I love anything remotely mexican), but thanks to this entry, I’m going to make a point of seeking some out now!

    Thanks for participating!

  • chronicler
    October 13, 2005

    Oh no! Another great recipe for snacking! MAybe this one can replace the same old plain old salsa currently taking up space. Mmmm.

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