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Raspberry Apple Muffins

When I saw the recipe for Raspberry Apple Muffins, I was immediately attracted. In fact, because they used honey in the recipe, I thought about using them as my SHF entry.

When I started to make the recipe, I realised that there was no added fat – just buttermilk and an egg. I worried about the texture, but went ahead. I made sure not to overmix because I know that can toughen low fat recipes.

The muffins were moist and not tough, but a bit chewier than I would like. The recipe says to serve them immediately and the muffins were definately best when eaten warm with a bit of butter. Later in the day, after they had cooled, they were less satisfying.

I liked how easy and healthy they were, so I would consider making them, or a variation, again. In the future, I would increase the amount of lemon zest, perhaps adding a bit of juice as well, since it was the most interesting flavor in the muffin. Hm… perhaps some candied ginger as well…

The verdict is that they’re not bad, but not great either. If you’re going for healthy and quick, give these a try. If you’re looking to impress, you had better keep looking.

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