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The French Laundry

I didn’t take my camera with me to the French Laundry, but I wouldn’t need it to remember the dinner. It was easily the best dining experience I’ve ever had. I also saw Thomas Keller, who came out of the kitchen to sign a book for some people having the special, seasonal truffle-themed menu.
For my recap, I’ll keep this short and sweet and just recount the menus to the best of my ability. I can’t remember exactly what was in each course, but honestly it doesn’t matter. It was that good. We ordered two vegetarian tasting menus, of which I had one, and two regular tasting menus. And yes, if something looked particularly good, we tasted it off each other’s plates.
The French Laundry may only be a once or twice in a lifetime dining experience, but it is worth every cent and all the effort to get a reservation.

Amuse bouche: salmon and tomato cones

Vegetarian Tasting Menu
Celery soup with truffle cream
Carmalised Onion tart
–Breads, baguette
Artichoke salad with shaved truffles
Sunchoke and cauliflour salad
Braised Endive hearts with poached apples and red wine reduction
Corn and Cheese risotto with myer lemon infused olive oil
Cheese – local with cranberry/currant toast and cinnamon poached figs
Spiced pear sorbet with valhrona chocolate
Pistachio and almond torte

Regular Tasting Menu
Pearls and oysters, Sabyon of pearl tapioca and oysters with caviar
Pumpkin agnilotti
Dover sole stuffed with raisins and topped with grapes
Scallop with chestnut sauce
Capon with poached apricots and onion
Steak – 2 kinds – with potatoes and asparagus
Cheese – crisp with fresh sheep’s milk cheese (runny) and walnut toast
— Coffee
Cranberry sorbet with honey and vanilla crème
Rich chocolate tart with caramel and caramel cream

Mignardises: Panna cottas (for the guys) and crème brulees (for the gals, though I traded for a panna cotta)
Assortment of truffles, miniature citron tarts, shortbread, candied fruit, macaroons (caramel and allspice), financiers

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