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Pineapple Crumble Bars

Pineapple Crumble Bars

These Pineapple Crumble Bars are one of those desserts that practically shout “SUMMER!” as you bake them. Do you enjoy pineapple? If so, you absolutely must give them a try. The bars are delicious, with a custard-like filling that is similar in consistency to a lemon bar. The filling is tender and loaded with tropical pineapple flavor. While there is some lemon juice in it ... Read More »

Passion Fruit Coconut Muffins

Passion Fruit Coconut Muffins

I love tropical flavors in desserts. While coconut and banana are quite common in desserts, flavors like guava and passion fruit are much less common. These fruits have a shorter season and tend to be a bit more fragile, which makes importing them a bit trickier, so you’re less likely to see them in your local markets. Fortunately, if you happen to stop by some ... Read More »

Tropical Swirl Banana Bundt Cake

Tropical Swirl Banana Cake

There is something about a swirl in a cake that just makes each slice look especially tempting. This banana bundt cake has a swirl of jam running through it that gives it a splash of color and adds an extra layer of flavor that goes very well with the banana. I used Smucker’s Fruit & Honey Tropical Fruit Spread, which has peaches, mango and passion ... Read More »

What are Lychees?


Lychees are one of the more unusual looking fruits that you’ll find in the produce section of your local grocery store. They are small – usually smaller than a golf ball – have a rough, bright pink rind covering a tender, white flesh. The rind is thin and can be peeled away from the flesh of the fruit easily, then the fruit itself can be ... Read More »

Announcing My New Cookbook: Tiki Drinks: Tropical Cocktails for the Modern Bar

Tiki Drinks: Tropical Cocktails for the Modern Bar

Do you do any outdoor entertaining during the summer? Do you like to relax on a hot afternoon with a refreshing cocktail? If so, I have the perfect book to add to your collection: Tiki Drinks: Tropical Cocktails for the Modern Bar is my latest cookbook and it is loaded with refreshing tropical cocktails. The drinks are a mix of completely original cocktail recipes and updates ... Read More »

Tropical Tiki Cookies

Tiki Cookies

I’ve been on a tiki kick all summer long – it’s hard not to feel inspired after you’ve had one or two tropical drinks! These Tropical Tiki Cookies are definitely inspired by those fruity drinks and include quite a few tropical elements, enough to make you feel like you’re being transported to an island getaway with each bite (well, almost!). The cookies are loaded with ... Read More »

Tiki Iced Tea

Tiki Iced Tea

Iced tea is a wonderful summertime drink because it is always very refreshing when it is hot out. Much of the time, however, iced tea doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves because it is considered by many to be plain and a bit boring. Iced tea doesn’t have to be boring. It can easily be dressed up with all kinds of different flavors to ... Read More »

Piña Colada Bread Pudding

Pina Colada Bread Pudding

Pina coladas are a great vacation drink. They’re made with coconut, pineapple and rum, then blended with ice until everything is creamy and ice cold. The tropical flavors are enough to make you picture yourself lounging beside a pool in Hawaii. But the flavor combination in the drink doesn’t need to be limited to a poolside-cocktail, and it puts a great tropical twist on this ... Read More »

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