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Snickerdoodle Pie

Snickerdoodle Pie

I am a big fan of snickerdoodles, the classic American sugar cookies rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture. Not only to I like the original cookies, but I’ve used the idea to make a few spinoffs, including Snickerdoodle French Toast and Snickerdoodle Scones. So, when I was flipping through my files of recipes clipped from magazines and newspapers and noticed that I had saved one ... Read More »

Snickerdoodle Scones

Snickerdoodle Scones

Snickerdoodles are incredibly satisfying cookies, considering how simple they are. They’re simple sugar cookies that are rolled in a cinnamon-heavy cinnamon sugar mixture before baking. This results in a soft and chewy texture for the vanilla cookie and a crisp, somewhat spicy exterior. I’ve played with the idea before and loved the way that it translated into a french toast recipe. This time, I wanted ... Read More »

What is cream of tartar?

cream of tartar

Cream of tartar, more technically known as potassium hydrogen tartrate, is a fine white powder with many culinary applications. It is a byproduct of the winemaking process as the powder forms inside wine barrels during fermentation. It comes from tartaric acid, a naturally occurring substance in grapes and some other tart fruits that in the principle acid in winemaking. It helps to help control the ... Read More »

Snickerdoodle French Toast

Snickerdoodle French Toast, in progress

The thing that makes the snickerdoodle cookiea snickerdoodle is the cinnamon-sugar coating that the otherwise plain sugar cookie dough is rolled in before baking. It is simple, but makes the cookie delicious and highly recognizable. With that said, you can’t just add a bit of cinnamon sugar to anything and call it a snickerdoodle. The cookies are always a bit heavy on the cinnamon to ... Read More »

Chai Snickerdoodles

chai snickerdoodles

┬áTraditions are very well and good, as are traditional recipes. But every tradition can use a little spice now and again, if for no other reason than to cultivate a new appreciation for the original. This is evidenced to an extreme by the rise of the molecular gastronomy movement, which was accompanied by a hugely renewed interest in traditional comfort food. Here, we’re taking the ... Read More »



Snickerdoodles are sugar cookies that are coated in cinnamon sugar. They usually have a cracked appearance and I have had ones that are both crisp and chewy. There is an added bonus to the cookies in that they have a fun name to say. Snickerdoodle Snickerdoodles are probably the single least offensive cookie that there is – which is to say that they will appeal ... Read More »

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