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Thin & Crispy Salted Oatmeal Cookies

Thin & Crispy Salted Oatmeal Cookies

There are times when you want a thick, chewy cookie that you can really sink your teeth into. There are also times when you want a thin, crispy cookie that seems to almost melt in your mouth as you bite into it. Both types of cookies are delicious, it just depends on what kind of cookie you’re in the mood for. The next time you’re ... Read More »

Does salt make watermelon sweeter?

Watermelon with pink salt

The first time that I had a slice of watermelon with salt on it, I was skeptical. At the time, an acquaintance of mine insisted that it would make the watermelon sweeter, better. I gave it a try and I was an instant convert to salting my melon. I’ll eat watermelon (and other melons) without that pinch of salt, of course, but my friend was ... Read More »

Salty Sweets

Salty Sweets: Delectable Desserts and Tempting Treats with a Sublime Kiss of Salt

Pairing sweet and salty has only become a bigger trend over the past few years, and what was once a concept that you only saw in a small handful of products at just a few shops, is now something you see in products. Salted caramels and cookies with a sprinkle of salt are a good start, but there are all kinds of desserts that can ... Read More »

Salted Butterscotch Pecan Cookies

Salted Butterscotch Pecan Cookies

Butterscotch is a great flavor and consists primarily of brown sugar and butter. As one of the primary flavor components is sugar, butterscotch can be fairly sweet on its own. This makes it a great candidate for salting – by which I mean adding a few extra pinches of salt to a recipe to give it a savory edge on top of all that sweetness. ... Read More »

What is coarse salt?

Maldon sea salt

There are lots of recipes that call for coarse salt these days. Coarse salt refers to sea salt or kosher salt, salt that has a much larger grain to it than common table salt – hence the name “coarse” salt. The reason that coarse salt is so popular is not that it is saltier or more flavorful than regular salt, but because it has a ... Read More »

Potato Chip Cookies

Potato Chip Cookies

My day to day lunches when I was in school were varied. There was always a sandwich (pb&j, chicken, turkey, etc.), some kind of juice or fruit and usually something salty, like pretzels or chips. The best days were inevitably the days I got all of my favorites: sandwich, apple, chips and a cookie. With this in mind, I am beginning to think that these ... Read More »

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