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Nordic Ware Universal Double Boiler

Nordic Ware Universal Double Boiler

A double boiler is a tool that can really come in handy in the kitchen. It allows you to cook sauces or melt things at a very gentle heat, so that even the most delicate custard can be cooked without scorching or curdling. You can make a double boiler yourself out of existing pots and bowls that you already have, and this method works very ... Read More »

How to make a double boiler

Homemade double boiler

When you put a pot on the stovetop, it gets hot – especially the parts of the pot that make physical contact with the heating element, be it flame or electric coil, of the stove. I’m not going to speculate about how hot your stove gets, since it depends on how your stove is powered, but that flame or coil is very hot. When heating ... Read More »

Silicone double boiler?

A double boiler can be a great tool in the kitchen, whether you buy a “real” one or use a stainless steel or glass mixing bowl set on top of a simmering pot of water. I do not recommend using a silicone double boiler, like the one pictured here. Silicone is a great material for cooking utensils because it isĀ heat resistantĀ and flexible, so a spatula, ... Read More »

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