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Truffles: 50 Deliciously Decadent Homemade Chocolate Treats

Truffles are not particularly difficult things to make when it comes to crafting candies and chocolates. This means that they’re a great choice for a fancy treat that you can make at home with just a little bit of practice. What can be difficult about making truffles is making them truly exceptional, but with a little bit of guidance, you can make yours just as ... Read More »

Discover Chocolate

Once, chocolate was a food reserved only for society’s elite. This is true of many different civilizations, from ancient Mayans to Spanish nobility during the 1500s. Chocolate is not a difficult thing to find these days and you can buy it just about anywhere. But every chocolate fan knows that not all chocolate is create equal. The book Discover Chocolate: The Ultimate Guide to Buying, ... Read More »

Peter Reinhart’s Artisan Breads Every Day

One of the hardest things about bread-making – especially with artisanal breads that involve multiple slow rises – is the timing. The recipes are stretched out over many, many hours and I’ve heard of people waking up at all hours of the night just to feed their starters, knead down a first rise or get a loaf into the oven. To be honest, hearing stories ... Read More »

Baking Artisan Pastries and Breads

Baking Artisan Pastries and Breads

There are a number of good books about baking artisinal breads out there, but Baking Artisan Pastries and Breads is one that is focused on pastries – breakfast pastries, to be specific – and not the same peasant breads and baguettes that you’ll find in other artisan baking books. It’s great to have a book that is more specialized and doesn’t devote only a couple ... Read More »

Cake Keeper Cakes

I first read the title of this book to be “keeper cakes” not “cake keeper cakes,” and while it was my first impression of the title that drew me to it, the overall message is the same. Cake Keeper Cakes is a book about cakes that are simple but delicious, and are the types of recipes that you not only want to make over again, ... Read More »

The Whimsical Bakehouse

The Whimsical Bakehouse

Sometimes, you’ll look at a cake and just say “wow.” And I’m talking about the good kind of “wow,” not the kind that is uttered when perusing Cake Wrecks. I’m talking about the kinds of cakes that might make you stop in a bakery window and stare, and these are the kinds of cakes that The Whimsical Bakehouse: Fun-to-Make Cakes That Taste as Good as ... Read More »

Baking with Agave Nectar

I am often asked questions about using sugar alternatives in baking, or how to eliminate the sugar from a recipe. I think that it is much easier to start out with a recipe that is closer to what you want, rather than try to take a “regular” recipe and convert it using various substitutions (often with less-than-perfect results) and maintain the original texture and flavor ... Read More »

Donuts: An American Passion

Unless I’m standing in a donut shop staring into a pastry case, I don’t think all that much about donuts. But some people do. Donuts are not just a brief pitstop of the mind, but a destination. The analogy might seem a bit silly, but companies like Dunkin’ Donuts are extremely popular for a reason and that is because people love their donuts. Donuts: An ... Read More »

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