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Trans fats and local, familiy bakeries

“Banning trans fat would ‘annihilate the legacy of every family bakery,’” or so says a baker from Philadelphia, PA, in response to a local city council bill that would prohibit the use of trans fats in commercial kitchens. As it first happened in New York when the city opted to ban trans fats, the public outcry was not unexpected, nor was the argument that small, ... Read More »

5-second rule put to the test

A college professor and her students at Connecticut College, in New London, CT, have put the “5-second rule” to the test in a real world environment to see how the long-standing “rule” stood up. The “5-second rule” is a bit of conventional wisdom/old wives tale that says a piece of food that has fallen onto the floor is fine to eat if you retrieve it ... Read More »

100% kid friendly programming, 80% junk food advertising

Kids have long been a major target for advertisers because even though they don’t do the buying, they exert a lot of influence over what products are purchased for a household. A rapidly increasing obesity rate triggered concern over the prevalence of such ads – especially after a connection between the number of food ads viewed and weight gain was made. Advertisers say that they ... Read More »

The Great American Bake Sale

bake for charity

The Great American Bake Sale is a nationwide event to raise awareness of childhood hunger and to raise money to end it. The event isn’t one single bake sale, but many, each done at a local level. From now until August 31st, you can register and host your own bake sale anywhere from a school to a church to a park in your neighborhood. Registering helps ... Read More »

The hazard of eating off others’ plates

At one time or another, just about every one of us has eaten a bite of food off of someone else’s plate. Usually, it is the plate of someone we know and the action is preceded by an invitation, such as “Do you want a bite?“, “You have to try this. It’s amazing!” or “You have to try this. It is just awful!” (Funny how ... Read More »

Healthy eating programs have success in schools

Schools in Somerville, Massachusetts have been tackling the growing problem of childhood obesity with a lot of success – and they didn’t even have to institute a strict ban on every food that could be considered “junk.” Instead they relied on education and, with a town-wide effort, they were able to bring childrens’ year weight gains to normal levels, increase the amount that kids exercised ... Read More »

James Beard Award 2007 winners announced

The James Beard Awards annually recognize excellence in the food industry, honoring cookbooks, chefs, journalists, big-name restaurants and even small, local restaurants. The 2007 winners have just been announced and include: Best Newspaper Food Section: The San Francisco Chronicle Best Website Focusing on Food: Leite’s Culinaria Cookbook Hall of Fame: The Moosewood Cookbook Cookbook of the Year: The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook Outstanding Restaurant of the ... Read More »

Sprinkles supports schools with cupcakes


Homemade my be my personal preference, but Sprinkles definitely has a large and loyal fanbase that loves their cupcakes. If you’re a fan and looking for a reason to splurge on a few, you might want to drop by a Sprinkles store today because, in honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day (May 8th, apparently), Sprinkles is offering a Sprinkles for Schools box. $5 from the purchase of ... Read More »

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