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Green Market Baking Book

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Green Market Baking BookEating locally and shopping at farmers markets for seasonally produced goods is a trend right now, in cooking and in cookbooks, but it is a trend that is slightly more difficult to take part in than you might think. It takes practice to go to the market, pick up something and bring it home …

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Tartine Bread

Tartine BreadTartine Bakery is practically a must-stop for foodies visiting San Francisco. The cute bakery has top notch baked goods, breads and pastries and is owned by two James Beard Award-winning chefs, not to mention the fact that it has lots of write ups by food writers and thousands of reviews on sites …

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Slow Cooker Revolution

Slow Cooker RevolutionLong, slow cooking is great for all kinds of foods, from stews to roasts, but not everyone has the time to sit around the kitchen for hours a day babysitting a hot oven. The slow cooker is the solution, an appliance that does the slow cooking for you while you go to work, run …

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Knives Cooks Love

Knives Cooks LoveA good knife is the most important thing that you can have in the kitchen. You can make the argument for other tools, but you won’t get much prep work or cooking done without a knife. A good knife will make cooking an easier, faster process and you might be surprised at how much …

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