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The Dollop Book of Frosting

The Dollop Book of FrostingFrosting is the stuff you put on top of a cupcake, or in between the layers of a whoopie pie. People often pay more attention to what the frosting is going onto than to the frosting itself. The fact is that a good frosting can make or break a dessert and sometimes all you …

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One Bowl Baking

One Bowl BakingEveryone wants to be able to bake from scratch, but many don’t because of the time required to do so. It can seem like a daunting task when a recipe has instructions that are two pages long. Even people who bake a lot appreciate a recipe that can be mixed up and put into …

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Absolutely Avocados

Absolutely Avocados Creamy avocados are one of my favorite fruits and I eat them just about every day. The funny thing about avocados is that many people only enjoy them in one or two ways, even though they are an incredibly versatile fruit that is good for more than just guacamole. Absolutely Avocados is …

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I Scream Sandwich

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I Scream SandwichMost of us don’t feel like baking during hot weather, but it’s hard to turn down a cookie even when it feels like an oven outside. Bakers need to do a little bit of advance planning during the summer so that they can bake while it’s cool outside and still have treats to eat …

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