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Apple Cider Pie

Apple Cider Pie
It’s no secret that I love apple pie and I’ve made all kinds over the years, from double crust pies to streusel-topped pies to crustless pies. This Apple Cider Pie is a new favorite, but unlike some of the other apple pies I’ve made, this one …

Mango Crumble Pie

Mango Crumble Pie
All kinds of fruit can be used to make pies, from crisp apples to juicy berries and tender stone fruit. Though they’re not commonly used for pie fillings, tropical fruits can also make amazing additions to pie and this Mango Crumble Pie proves it. The pie is loaded up with tender, juicy mango …

5 Pies You Should Bake for Thanksgiving

Bite Size Salted Caramel Pecan Pies, interior

I always have a pumpkin pie at my Thanksgiving dinner because it’s something of a tradition for my family. We’ve always had a pumpkin pie – and this works out well for me, since I am a big pumpkin pie fan. But not everyone likes pumpkin pie as much as I do, …

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Secrets for Perfect Pie, a class from Sherry Yard and Evan Kleiman


A perfect pie is something that just about every baker wants to be able to put together. Pie is a great dish with an unbeatable combination of flaky dough and rich filling – whether you’re making luscious fruit pies or hearty savory pies. One way to get better at pie-making is practice. …

Cherry Crumble Pie

Cherry Crumble Pie

For every person who would pick apple pie as their favorite, there is another person who would pick cherry as their top choice. They’re probably the two most popular pie flavors out there. I have seen many variations on apple pie over the years, but I find that …

Apple Pie: 100 Delicious and Decidedly Different Recipes for America’s Favorite Pie

Apple Pie: 100 Delicious and Decidedly Different Recipes for America's Favorite PieApple pies are one of the most classic American pies out there, with a filling made up of brown sugar-sweetened tart apples and a variety of warm spices, all wrapped up in a buttery crust. Apple pies can come in other forms than just that classic double crust recipe, however, and just about all …

Cinnamon Apple Pie with Crumb Topping

Apple Pie with Crumb Topping
Classic apple pie is made with two buttery, flaky pie crusts sandwiching a sweet and spicy apple filling. It is delicious, but it’s not the only classic apple pie out there. I have met many people who would choose an apple pie with a crumb topping over the double-crust classic any …

5 Great Pies for Thanksgiving

Buttermilk Sweet Potato Pie

Not sure what to make for your Thanksgiving dessert? The options are almost endless because there is no wrong way to end a Thanksgiving meal. That being said, pie is traditional and I know at least a few people who would throw a minor fit if it wasn’t an option. I just …