What is a Pomelo?

What is a Pomelo?

Pomelos are a type of citrus fruit that are native to Southeast Asia. They resemble a large grapefruit in appearance and are often the largest type of citrus that you can find at a grocery store.¬†They are closely related to grapefruits, but have some distinct differences. They have a very thin skin and a thick white pith. The flesh inside ranges from a yellow to pink, making an attractive contrast with the thick layer of pith when sliced. The fruit is much sweeter and less bitter than grapefruit, though it does have a grapefruit-like flavor. Overall, it’s a very mild and easy to eat fruit that fills the gap between oranges and grapefruits for citrus fans.

Pomelos can be eaten just like any other citrus fruit. You can slice them, peel them and eat them just as they are. The segments can be added to a variety of dishes, including salads and sauces. Considering their size, they are not particularly juicy, so be prepared to need several fruits if you plan to juice them. The zest can be used to flavor both sweet and savory dishes.

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