Celebration Cake Pans

Celebration Cake Pans
Layer cakes are usually made with layers of plain, round cakes, stacked up to turn a simple dessert into a dramatic centerpiece. Occasionally, you will see a layer cake that uses square cakes for a slightly unusual look, but round is the standard for layer cakes. Williams Sonoma recently introduced layer cake pans with a little extra flair that will give your cakes a slightly different look. These Celebration Layer Cake Pans have scalloped edges, which make them look a little bit like large flowers before they’re stacked into eye-catching layer cakes.┬áThe pans are large and thin – 9 3/4″ wide and just 3/4″ high. The shallow depth makes it easy to ensure that your cake layers will all be the same thickness (instead of trying to eyeball the right amount of cake batter in a deeper pan), and it also makes the layers easy to remove from the nonstick pans. The pans will cool down quickly once the cakes are removed, so you can quickly clean and re-fill them to bake additional layers without needing multiple sets of cake pans to do so.


  1. these are such fun pans but, really? a set of 2 for $30 and you need what? at least 3 to actually make a standard cake recipe? shame on Williams sonoma.

  2. Williams Sonoma is way out of my price range.

  3. I ordered a set today… I agree they are a little pricey, but cute usually is. Reading the review, you will need to cook two at a time and then continue when they are done until you have the desired amount of layers you want. Life is short enjoy what you can when you can.

    Thanks for all your reviews and recipes.

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