Baking Bites’ Pie Week 2012

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As far as I’m concerned, there is no bad time for pie. There are so many variations of pie – sweet and savory, baked and chilled, fruit and chocolate – that you can find one for every season and every occasion. That said, it is very clear that fall is pie season and even people who don’t eat pie any other time of the year will indulge in a slice (or three) sometime between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. To celebrate pie season, I’m kicking off pie week here at Baking Bites, where I’ll be featuring some new pie recipes, pie crust and filling tips, a giveaway and maybe even a new pie-related video (in the meantime, you can enjoy a pumpkin pie video I already have up!). I’ll be adding new updates to this post all week.

Pie Week Posts:

Don’t forget to enter the Perfect Pies giveaway!!

Here are a few links to great pie basics already on the site that are must-reads:


Pie Crust Recipes:

Pie How-To:


  1. OMG! Are you kidding me with this? I show up and read your blog during Pie Week?

    Where have you been all my life and please know, I’ve totally bookmarked your blog!

    Pie week – Love it!

  2. Love the chocolate french silk but am making Maple Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Love this site.

    Please enter me in the pie and pie plate giveaway!!!

    Thanks again.

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