Bloody Evidence Chef’s Knife

Bloody Evidence Chef’s Knife

Platefuls of Halloween baked goods and buckets of Halloween candy aren’t the only things that you can keep around the kitchen as you get into the spirit of Halloween. Something like a Bloody Evidence Chef’s Knife is both a scary, funny and useful prop that you can add to the knife rack. The knife is a real chef’s knife with fired-on blood spatter that will not come off during washing or use, and is completely food safe. Imagine coming out of the kitchen with a big pie to slice up in one hand and this knife in the other! I would think that it would also make a fun gift for fans of the Showtime TV show, Dexter.


  1. I love this! Is that the wrong thing to say? haha but I think this is fun, thanks for sharing!

  2. lol! love it. I started to get into Dexter too.

  3. This would have been awesome to bring to my knife skills class my teacher would have freaked. Love it!

  4. My stepson is into theater, and he recently told me that this could be a wonderful prop in productions.

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