You Made That Dessert?

You Made That Dessert?There is no shortage of cookbooks that fall into the “baking is easy” genre. They range in type from books that tell you how to doctor up a cake mix to those that will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to bake and decorate a wedding cake. You Made That Dessert? fits into this category of cookbook, falling neatly right into the middle of it. The cookbook, which is written by Beth Lipton, who blogs at Cookie Pie, is set up so that the recipes are as easy to follow as possible, with clear instructions, detailed ingredients lists and even a list of the tools you’ll need at the beginning of every recipe. At the back of the book, there is a section that goes over what all the tools, ingredients and methods are, giving a basic rundown of baking.

While the setup is nice for those who are completely new to baking and the book’s subtitle says that you can”create fabulous treats, even if you can barely boil water,”  don’t discount this book for more experienced bakers. The recipes chosen for the book are “real” recipes – meaning that they aren’t just the sort of thing you’d find in a cookbook meant only for beginners. They include things like Flourless Chocolate Cake, Maple Walnut Pie and biscotti, all recipes that total novices can make with good instruction, but also dishes that regular bakers will appreciate for their taste and ease of baking.

The book has lots of full-color photos of the recipes so you can see what you’re baking, and also has baking tips sprinkled throughout.


  1. Great review of the book. I made the sour cream coffee cake and it is fabulous!

  2. hey nicole! i just stumbled onto your site and i have to say, im LOVING every little bit of it! i googled to find nilla wafer recipe and got so much more than i was looking for! i’ve been trying to find and make girl scout cookie recipes for almost a year and if only i’d known they were right here the whole time :) cant wait to try some of your recipes!
    your newest fan, Leigh Anne

  3. That’s cool that it bridges interests of more experienced and beginning bakers. Out of curiousity, when you review cookbooks are these books that are hanging out in your collection or books that are sent for you to review. I’m impressed with how many things you’re able to review and was just curious about the origin of them. Thanks!

  4. I agree – the book isn’t full of “beginner’s recipes”, but all of the recipes are easy and approachable. I made the double apple cake last night and it’s amazing!

  5. Thanks for the review. I’ve seen a few of the recipe “baked up” on various blogs. So far it all looked good. Next time I get into B&N I’ll check it out.

  6. I made the rasberry pancake pie and it was DELICIOUS!!

    Nicole, I had found this book before I read you but had never opened it and then I read your blog article yesterday now and said to myself: OH, I have this book!! Awesome, and then I rushed to the grocery before it was closing and then my friends all jumped on it. They loved it.

    Now I’m here thanking you!

    Have a good day,
    Cabinet de relations publiques à Montréal

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