Guittard White Chocolate Wafers, reviewed

Guittard White Chocolate

Guittard’s White Chocolate Wafers are some of my favorite chocolates to use in the kitchen. White chocolate is chocolate that has no cocoa solids in it. It is made with cocoa butter – the natural fat that gives chocolate its silky melt – sugar, milk and vanilla. It is much easier to find a decent milk or dark chocolate than it is to find a good white chocolate, and coupled with the fact that you can use cocoa powder to add a chocolate flavor to many recipes without needing any solid chocolate, this might be why white chocolate isn’t used quite as commonly as its darker cousins.

The Guittard White Chocolate just might make you want to use more white chocolate in your baking. The chocolate smells like milk, cream and vanilla, and all of these carry over into the flavor of the chocolate. It is sweet, but not cloying in the least, and has a very smooth melt to it. The amount of cocoa butter in the chocolate is what gives it its melt, although the disc shape of the chocolates helps a lot. The discs are not more than 3/4-inch across and are quite thin. They melt very easily – much more easily than the cheaper, sweeter white chocolates I’ve tried – with a little bit of heat, so they can easily be incorporated into recipes. You can chop them and use them as chocolate chips, although Guittard also sells white chocolate chips pre-bagged.

These chocolate wafers are sold online (scroll down the page), but are also often sold in specialty baking stores. I’ve seen them in Williams Sonoma and at Cost Plus World Market before, too.


  1. I’m confused. White chocolate has no cacao, and yet they’re advertising it as “31% cacao white chocolate”. What gives?

  2. I bought a box of Guittard this afternoon and then saw your great review of it an hour later; I’m so happy to know it’s good white chocolate!

  3. My boyfriend brought me back a box of these from the US and they are fantastic — as is your site. I’ve made three recipes from it just this week, every one a winner. Thank you so much for all your hard work; it’s much appreciated!

  4. I’m confused. White chocolate has no cacao, and yet they’re advertising it as “31% cacao white chocolate”. What gives?
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  5. Noah – I believe that, in this case, it refers to the cocoa butter content of the chocolate.

  6. Oooh I’m always looking for some good baking white chocolate. Good to know they sell them at William Sonoma. Thanks :)

  7. I work for a bakery & we strictly use Guittard Chocolate- i LOVE them! A good chocolate is totally worth the extra expense.

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