Starbucks Fusion with Michalak

Starbucks Fusion

I’ve heard mixed reviews of Starbucks in France, ranging from comments that their coffee is terrible to comments stating that they are the only decent place to get a cup of coffee in Paris. I think that the reality falls somewhere in between, as their coffee seemed pretty decent (at least as good as in the US, better at some locations than others), but they get two thumbs up for having clean and accessible bathrooms which is a nice plus in a tourist area.

When I stopped into a cafe, I noticed a sign for a limited edition dessert, a dessert sold under the heading “Fusion with Michalak.” Christophe Michalak is a world-renowned pastry chef and winner of the international World Pastry Cup competition, so I had high hopes for the “amusé à fusionner le goût du chocolat et du café” (fusion of chocolate and coffee.” Served in a chocolate cup, the dessert started with a chocolate mousse base, topped with a layer of tiramisu, mini chocolate-covered biscuits (for crunch) a coffee gelee and a lemon-scented mascarpone mousse topping. The mix of flavors and textures worked together surprisingly well and tasted like something that probably should have cost more than 5 euros – but it was just under that mark. Delicious!

Starbucks Fusion, Interior


  1. I think you need to analyze that one and come up with the recipe for us. Sounds incredible! I looked for a long time to find coffee cups that could be put in the oven. I thought it would be easier than it was but I finally found some. Now, I need to find a good recipe to play with. I know this one doesn’t require the mug going into the oven but it made me think about all the possible things you could do with something along these lines. Hope you come up with a close copy. I’d love to try it with some of Portland’s coffee/chocolate lovers!

  2. Yuumm!! I look forward to hearing more of your food adventures in Paris!

  3. Seriously, that’s deserving of a recipe! Shouldn’t be too hard =)

  4. ooh starbucks in france? hope it’s better coffee than the US version. That dessert looks amazing though, wish the starbucks around here had things that tasty looking :)

  5. really great meal woh.. I would like to order smell O vision in this site

  6. To Linda’s comment. That isn’t a cup that can be put in the oven in the picture. It’s an edible chocolate cup (you can buy them). The entire dessert is not baked. I, too, would love to get the recipe…looks delish

  7. I just got back from my first visit to Paris and I thought the coffee was beyond amazing. We did go to Starbucks once while we were there (I’m a Starbucks fan) but not anywhere as amazing as the coffees I had in Paris. Your pictures bring tears to my eyes remembering how delicious all the food was and how quaint the bakery shops. Thanks for sharing

  8. OMG! That looks absolutely delicious. Only had I been in Paris enjoying this. Hope to be there next summer. Keep writing these food adventures as I will be trying some of your recommendations there.

  9. I tried that and it was fabulous!

  10. I’ve absolutely been loving your Parisian adventures. I for one had lived in Paris for half a year, and the food pictures you’re providing are making me hungry!

    Love it! Keep it up!

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