A Breakfast in Paris

Un cafe

I’ve noticed that just about all bakeries sell a variety of pre-prepared sandwiches and other dishes. It seemed like a many people dropped in to pick up these sandwiches for lunch, or at least to eat later, but just as many opted to take them for breakfast. That said, pastries were definitely the most popular at the boulangerie/patisserie I stopped in on Wednesday morning. I believe the name was Cafe Richard, near the Place de la Revolution, but the name was not particularly well marked.

Croque Campagnard

I tried a Croque Campagnard, which was a three layered toasted sandwich with ham in it, very similar to a Croque Monsieur, but made with an excellent rye bread. There was a ridiculous amount of cheese it in, but it was oozing and delicious.

Chocolate Croissant

I also picked up a chocolate croissant and – of course, un cafe to go with it. These, too, were delicious. The croissant was very soft and almost reminded me of a dinner roll, and it had just the right amount of chocolate. I’ll update this with the address, as everyone at the shop was extremely nice and their fantastic looking desserts (which I didn’t try) would definitely prompt a return visit!


  1. Petit pain au chocolat! I am so jealous. :) Although I have relatives in Paris I don’t make it over there as often as I would like but no matter how long it has been the taste of that particular pastry will always be remembered but never replicated ( I’ve tried ). :)
    Have fun! Paris is a lovely place to loose yourself in for a while. And when you find yourself at the end, it’s a happier more peaceful person.

  2. Looks like France is treating you well :) What fabulous-looking food. Can’t wait to keep following you on your culinary adventure!

  3. Make my mouth water like I’ve never eaten before!

  4. Delicioso! No wonder why people in Paris loves to take out the sandwich. Looks yummy in the picture. I love cooking for my family. I really enjoy looking at them very satisfied with the food I prepared.

  5. I’m bookmarking this, for whenever I get there.

  6. when i was seen this delicioso item in this blog at that moment my mouth has full of water, really I never seen this kind of breakfast in my life. Really I m so exited to eat this breake fast. Hope I will get as soon as possible.

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