World’s Biggest Cheesecake Record Set

World’s Biggest Cheesecake

I’ve seen some huge cheesecakes at various restaurants and bakeries, but not even the biggest Cheesecake Factory cheesecake comes close to the world record setting cheesecake baked in Mexico last week. The massive cheesecake weighed about 2 tons by the time it was finished! It used nearly a ton of cream cheese and yogurt – equal parts of each, along with 772 pounds of pastry crust, 551 pounds of sugar and 331 pounds of butter. You can get an idea of how dense the cheesecake was from the fact that it was just 4.9 feet in diameter and 21.65 inches high.

The cake was beautifully topped with fresh strawberries and, once it was certified by Guinness, it was dished out and served to onlookers. This particular cake was sponsored by Kraft, so unless someone convinces a rival cream cheese-producing company to sponsor another cheesecake attempt, a lot of grocery stores will have to be cleared out before someone can challenge the size of this record-setting cake.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is just about the wackiest thing I’ve ever seen. You’d think the gravitational force of that thing would have pulled us all down to Mexico to get a bite…

  3. Cream cheese, yoghurt, strawberres, so tempting. I will definately love to grab a big piece of it to please my stomach

  4. That is impressive. I’m surprised it didn’t collapse too!

  5. i love cheesecake yum i wish icould eat it but i live inflorida and i am 2 years old

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