The Cupcake Courier

The Cupcake CourierI am constantly traveling with baked goods. Cookies, cakes, muffins, pies – you name it and I’ve packed it up into my car and carried it off to be shared with friends. As you might expect, I have a number of different kinds of cake carriers and other assorted airtight containers for toting treats. I’m also always on the lookout for new ones. Much like bakeware and other cooking gear, I somehow find that I can never have enough containers in varying sizes and made of different materials.

One such carrier that recently caught my eye is the Cupcake Courier. The three-level tray can hold up to 36-cupcakes – a dozen more than my current largest carrier! Made of plastic so it is both durable and lightweight, the carrier consists of three stackable trays. Each one has extra-deep muffin cups to hold all the cupcakes (or muffins, etc.) in place very securely, which is great for giving you peace of mind if you’re transporting the cupcakes in your car on a bumpy road. The courier has a flat base on which the three trays stack and, when all the interlocking layers are removed, the courier can be used as a regular cake carrier for full-sized baked goods. Four simple snaps hold the airtight lid in place.

The Cupcake Courier comes in four colors, but I appreciate the fact that all are transparent so you can give your friends and family a sneak peek at the goodies when you arrive with your box of treats.


  1. this is so exciting! i’ve only seen the ones that carry one dozen and how annoying to have to carry around multiples of those! thanks for the heads up.

  2. I’m the proud owner a yellow Cupcake Courier and I have to tell you that they are fabulous! I’m actually even planning on buying another on, for the times when I bake more then 3 dozen cupcakes.

  3. I just got a Cupcake Courier last week! So far, I’ve brought it into work twice and, while I like it, it IS awfully heavy with 36 cupcakes inside. Of course, I’m carrying it a mile to and from the subway and not in a car, so that experience won’t matter for some people.

  4. I have been wanting one of these for ages as someone linked to them from a livejournal baking community that I’m part of. Unfortunately I’m in the UK and they don’t ship outside the US. If anyone out there has an alternative that’s available in the UK let me know?!?

  5. Hi – Leah – just to let you know – the cupcake courier will be available in the UK later in the summer – its not up and running just yet, but the website will be
    I’ve used them a lot recently and the are fantastic!

  6. you shoud put also the procedure on how to cook your cupcakes

  7. Hi anyone know where i can get one in the UK now? the UK cupcake courier website doesn’t seem to be around anymore

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