Sweet earrings for foodies


Diamonds, gold and other precious things might be the most typical choices for jewelry, especially if you’re looking to pick out a gift. But when it comes down to it, sometime pricey certainly isn’t the only option and sometimes having fun with your jewelry can be just as satisfying. In this case (since this isn’t exactly a fashion blog), I’m talking about foodie-friendly, sweets themed earrings. The earrings pictured above are handmade by artist Amy Secrest and look good enough to eat. My favorite designs of hers include all things sugary, like cupcake earrings, pie earrings and chocolate earrings. They are all brightly colored and beautifully decorated with great attention to detail. The cupcakes and donuts come in multiple “flavors” of cake and frosting, the pie slice comes in apple and lemon and the chocolate pieces are available in dark chocolate in addition to milk, if you’re looking for a little variation. The oreo earrings are handmade by another artist, but show the same level of fun and attention to detail.

Amy has many other adorable jewelry offerings as well, from necklaces to charm bracelets, in designs that include everything from cupcakes to bacon to sushi.


  1. Those are awesome! Thank you for sharing – I want!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful post :)

  3. OOh! I have donut earrings that look just like those :). I’m all about collecting foodie earrings! I’ve found quite a few cute ones at great prices on etsy.com. :)

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