Batter Blaster

Batter Blaster

I like to make pancakes and waffles from scratch and, while I don’t do it every day, it’s certainly not for lack of time. A basic pancake batter takes about a minute to measure and mix, then a few minutes more to cook and consume. It doesn’t take much more time to make a specialty pancake batter. But for those cooks out there who simply can’t be bothered to mix their own and are inconvenienced by the hassle of working with a baking mix (like Bisquick or something similar), there is Batter Blaster.

The product is strikingly similar to cheez whiz, in that it is a premade mix that comes in an aerosol can. You simply shake up the bottle and squirt the mix onto a hot skillet or waffle iron. It purports to be quick and easy, although the cooking is the part of the pancake-making process that takes up the most time, so it’s not entirely clear how much time it can actually save. Oddly, the Batter Blaster is also organic. You can see a video of it in action here.

The only real use that comes to mind is as a sort of gag gift for someone who really loves pancakes but cooks on such an irregular basis that s/he doesn’t keep flour, etc. on hand. As for me? I’ll stick to mixing my own.


  1. Much to my amazement, I’m actually impressed with this product. I’d be a lot more impressed if it was California Certified organic rather than the lesser USDA standard. I noticed that Costco has picked this up chain-wide.

    I think this is great because the only work involved is the cooking, which takes so long you can walk away for a couple minutes and get other things done between flips.

    I love the “that was then” mom in the YouTube demo video. I’m surprised they didn’t tease her hair into a rats nest and brush patches of flour on her face!


  2. Somehow, I find this very scary. I thought the pic was a joke until I read the post.

  3. Ew. The thought of pancake batter squirting out of a can kind of makes me gag. Who THINKS of these things? (However, I can sadly kind of see my husband buying this. I better teach him how to make it from scratch ASAP!)

  4. One ‘yuck’ from me too. This is killing the very essence of a pancake.

  5. I get the sense that none of you have kids (young or old) that love pancakes more for the syrup(s) and toppings than the pancake itself…

  6. I cant believe how lazy people are getting. Or that the industry is catering to peoples laziness. I’m sure you have even seen the brownies now that you just pop in the oven and come in the pan. I thought opening a box was easy! It just got easier!

  7. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Pancakes!

  8. Please. Teenage boys will love this, just the very idea of squirting something out of a can.

  9. I saw a demonstration of this on G4′s Attack of the Show. It was not very successful. They tried to make waffles, but it just kinda sprayed all over the place.

  10. I have the feeling this would appeal to college students — I remember that cleaning the mixing bowl was a huge pain. If you could just squirt and cook and eat .. well, that would be a good thing. (I ate a lot of ramen and lipton pasta things and cereal at that time.)

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