Life-size wedding cake

Life-size wedding cakeWedding cakes are supposed to be the perfect dessert for one of the most important days of our lives – or, at least, the idea of a wedding cake has certainly been sold that way. People spend hours taste testing different cakes, frostings and fillings trying to choose the combination that is the most delicious, and spend even more hours trying to decided on a design. Classic tiered cakes are always popular, but it seems that the trend these days is to go for something unique if possible. Whimsical cakes, with their unconventional, slanting layers are a one type of cake that adds a little originality to a wedding, especially when decorated in bright and bold colors.

I have to say that I’ve never seen a wedding cake quite like this one, however. The wedding cake pictured here is a life-sized replica of the bride, made entirely of cake, from the shoes up to the tiny floral detailing on the bodice of the wedding dress. If it made the wedding couple happy, that is really all that matters in the end, but eating a cake that looked like a person – especially a person I knew – would just be too weird for me. My preference is for something just a touch more traditional. And preferably without a face.

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  1. My 11 year old daughter wants to know if they cut the head off and put it in the freezer to eat on their 1st anniversary? : )

  2. ok, that’s just freakish and wrong.

  3. ‘Haha, no gimme a knife and let’s see what’s under her dress’

    Maybe this really DID make the couple happy, but what I can’t understand is eating the bride’s FACE. There must have been some utterly silly jokes at the party. I understand your ‘a touch more traditional’ point of view:)

  4. Oh dear, all that’s missing is a sign saying “Eat me”!

    Well, that and pictures of the groom and his groomsmen next to the cake/sign, giving the thumbs up, pointing to the sign, or making obscene gestures…

    I’m not sure that I could have eaten a slice this cake had I been a guest at the wedding. I might have been too disturbed, wondering if I had a slice of armpit, or crotch, or…? Please, please just tell me the cake wasn’t red velvet under that icing!

  5. i’m going to go with creepy on this one…

  6. The head was sculpted out of polymer clay – so… no it was not cut off and served on a dish ;)

  7. Does anyone know who actually made this cake?

  8. No thanks, I’d rather not have my guests eating an effigy of myself. *shudder*

    I had a whoopie pie wedding cake, and it was pretty classy looking for what it was. And fun, too. And very, very tasty :D I have pictures if you’d like to see them.

  9. I’d love to see your whoopie pie wedding cake. Whoopie pies were always such a big thing in Western PA.

  10. No, it’s not life-size, but about half life-size. I’ve seen other pictures, one with the cake standing on a table with a woman standing next to it, so giving perspective as to the actual size of the cake.

    Still. Pretty weird.

  11. The cake was made by Absolutely Edible Cakes & Catering, LLC It was made with the help of Elizabeth Bonure The bride wanted the Groom made too but time just did not permit.

    Nikki J.

  12. I think the cake was great and dispite who didn’t like it, everyone can’t help but admire it. Hats off to you girl, everyone knows about your special day.

  13. I just love that life size and me and i am getting married next year and would love to have a life size cake done of me. so if you all would please email me the number to the person that made that cake so I can call them and get one made for me

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