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Brach’s Caramel Candy Corn, reviewed

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Caramel Candy Corn

It’s candy corn season again and I’ve already filled up my candy dishes, but when I was picking up my traditional bags of classic and harvest mix (the bags that include the candy corn pumpkins), I noticed that there was more variety than usual in the candy corn section. In other words, this year candy makers released flavored candy corn along with the traditional honey-flavored variety. I picked up a bag of Brach’s Caramel Candy Corn to try it out.

The candy is exactly what it sounds like: caramel-flavored candy corn. They come in the usual corn kernal shape, have a toffee-colored base (yellow in the original), and are delicious. The caramel flavor is unmistakable and the candy has a firm, slightly grainy texture that reminds me of fudge – especially after you begin to chew the candies and the sugar starts to melt in your mouth. There is also a pleasant, yet subtle, hint of salt in the caramel flavor.

The only negative thing I can say is that they are very, very sweet. Sweeter even than regular candy corn. This means you can’t eat too many at one sitting, which, now that I think about it, is probably a good thing. Not to mention one that your dentist will appreciate.

Cybele didn’t like them when she reviewed them, but she professes to have a love-hate relationship with candy corn in general – while I just love them. The only thing better might be the Brach’s Caramel Apple Candy Corn (which Candy Addict already reviewed).

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  • Heather
    October 9, 2007

    One neat thing to do with candy corn is put in bowl with honey roasted peanuts. The salty and the sweet combo is yummily addictive. I’m a first time commenter, but I love your site, and check it daily.

  • Krystle
    October 9, 2007

    Ooh, I’m excited this got a good review from you. I’m a real candy corn lover and was scared off a little by Cybele’s poor review of the new flavors. Looks like I’ll be buying both the Caramel and Caramel Apple this season; thanks for the review! (Frequent reader & first-time commenter as well.)

  • doodles
    October 13, 2007

    Oh my a new candy to treat myself and our party attendees to.

    I agree mixing candy corn with peanuts is an old favorite.

    Glad I saw you review first Nic

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