Reusable Ice Cream Cones

reusable conesAre you a cup person or a cone person?

I could go either way with my ice cream and gelato, but a cone will always have a certain nostalgia-factor that cups don’t have. Unfortunately, because cones aren’t as sturdy as ice cream cups, you’re pressured into eating your treats fast when you’re holding one. These reusable ice cream cones were clearly created to solve this problem, while still giving you the look of a cone. One additional bonus is that these cones, as they are inedible, are calorie-free. That probably doesn’t make up for the calories in the ice cream, but it might alleviate a little bit of the guilt if you decide to go for that extra scoop.

Still, if I’m going to use a done, I’d rather have a chocolate-lined cone (surprisingly leak resistant) and take my chances with any ice cream-induced structural breakdowns.

Any guesses on what flavor that purple ice cream might be?



  1. I’ve had some pretty nice blackberry ice cream in that color.

  2. If it was a grape ice cream, my husband would be thrilled. He’s always questioning why there isn’t grape ice cream everywhere.

  3. How cute! My kids will love these :0)

  4. Could be taro…

  5. It’s probably ube / yam.

  6. I’m with JW on the vote for taro root.

  7. I’m also going with taro

  8. Black raspberry, for sure. A summertime favorite of mine.

  9. I’ll take a spoon with my plastic cone, please. Or do I just say ‘Bottom’s up’ and drink the melted goodness? For the pic, I thought that was ube at first glance.

  10. it should be yam ice cream. we have that in asia. very popular, very very YUMMY

  11. I’m going to take a guess here– that photo was taken outside, and those scoops are awfully perfect– I bet it’s colored Crisco or any of the other fakes that food photographers use to take appealing pictures. The color of the ice cream looks to have been chosen more to coordinate with the color of the cones than to be something recognizably flavored, although taro is probably closest.

    I am such a cynic ;)

  12. I think, if you’re going to make plastic cones, then they should be the type that have flat bottoms, so they can be put down on a table for a moment. These seem to have all of the disadvantages of a cone, except the calories.

    A plastic flat-bottomed cone could also have a little connector/loop for holding a spoon.

  13. Where can I buy these reuseable ice cream cones – I have a granddaughter who is wheat intolerant and cannot eat the usual biscuit cones.

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