Blogging By Mail package and WCB

I’m glad to see that lots of people are sending out and receiving their Blogging By Mail packages from this round. I got mine from Susann, a non-blogging (but we won’t hold that against her) friend of Samantha‘s. Let me take this moment to mention that this round is almost over. We are waiting for the last of the packages to arrive, but there will be a roundup soon. You can take comfort from the fact that we will be announcing the next round – and accepting signups – in the near future. Keep your eyes out!

Susann put together a great package. In addition to a great mixed CD, she included some very addictive spiced pecans, two kinds of cookies and a whole cake! The peanut butter oatmeal cookies were soft and chewy and a nice balance between the two cookie types. I particularly liked that they had both raisins and chocolate chips in them – my favorite cookie additions. The other cookies were Earl Grey Tea cookies. Buttery and delicious. I think that the Spiced Wine Cake was my favorite thing, if I absolutely had to chose. Suprising, even to me, since I am normally a cookie kind of girl. It was moist, soft and fluffy with a wonderful wine flavor. It is no exaggeration to say that it was the perfect cake to have with my tea. And it shipped so well!

My favorite part may have been the cake, but Phoebe liked the kitty treats that Susann slipped into the package best. Thanks for thinking of her, Susann. And thanks for putting together such a great Blogging By Mail package.

And, of course, you can check out Phoebe’s online cat buddies at Clare’s Weekend Cat Blogging roundup.


  1. You know, I didn’t. But perhaps Susann will take pity on us an share.

  2. Those early grey tea cookies are popular! Someone made them for IMBB 17: Taste Tea. I suspect that they’re from a Real Simple recipe that I’ve been meaning to try.

  3. Nice Kitty! I can’t wait to see the next Blogging by Mail event!

  4. Wow…Phoebe is so dark! She’s absolutely gorgeous.

    And Jessica…I just post about your package!

  5. Yup, the Earl Grey cookies are from Real Simple (and the recipe is Googleable). I’ve been meaning to make them for months, and this seemed like a good opportunity. I used milk, instead of water, and I only baked them for 8-9 minutes, b/c I like my cookies chewwwwwwy. Glad the package came through with everything intact, Nic!

  6. I’ve been meaning to try those, too, Jessica. Thanks for the tip, Susann. Now I know that recipe is a winner.

    Joe and Stephanie – Phoebe says thank you.

  7. I just googled the recipe and tried them. Yum. Here’s the link Earl Grey Cookies I did them with jasmine tea and used some brewed tea for the water to intensify the flavor of the tea. I also substituted orange water for the vanilla. Even my husband who’s not a tea drinker really liked them.

  8. Nic,
    Who started the blogging by mail. I was thinking of a similar idea. Alan from was making green tea ice cream for a tea IMBB event and I happen to comment that I missed green tea ice cream. He sent me a care package with matcha and other various Hawaiian goodies. I made green tea panna cotta and then sent him a package from Italy.
    My idea is to pair people from different countries and have them mail items around the world, then have the recipients cook with the ingredients and blog it. Who should I contact? I don’t want to steal ideas or stomp on anyones territory? Hints anyone?

  9. Hi Gia, I’d credit Nic with the Blogging by Mail idea here in the US, though this last round was certainly international. Your idea is great, and would be a good idea for a future BBM ‘theme’… specifically using the ingredients that were sent. Right, Nic?

    Oh, and Nic… I’m totally biased because Susann is a friend of mine, but her cookies and cake look so delicious! Susann, don’t forget to bring that wine cake… I’d love to try some. :D

  10. Rainey – That sounds like a great substitution.

    Gia – I came up with Blogging By Mail and organised the first round, though I know people occasionally set up care packages amongst themselves. We have a lot of international/non-US participants (something like 50%, if not more) and try to pair people from different parts of the world. Andrew, from Spittoon, hosts Euro Blogging By Mail, which is limited to European participants.

  11. Any way someone can send me the euro blogging link?

  12. Can you guess what the pecans were seasoned with? The color in the large photo suggested it might be turmeric and, tho it’s not something that had ever occurred to me before, that sounds like a fascinating and potentially yummy combo. I loooove turmeric.

  13. Wow. You got a whole cake in the mail? Now that’s exciting!

    Looks like a wonderful smorgasboard of treats. And so unique as well!

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