Artichoke Dip

In a posting a few days ago, I mentioned my love of artichokes. Thus, I could not resist posting about these “European Style” artichokes I bought the other day. They are easily the largest artichokes I have even seen, let alone eaten.

And I ate them with my standby artichoke dip, shown to me by my mother. Kraft/Hellmans is my preferred brand, but you can use any brand or fat content (regular, light or fat free) you desire and it will still taste good.

Artichoke Dip Recipe

1/4 cup mayonaise

1 tbsp dijon mustard

1 tbsp dill

1/8 tsp tabasco sauce

Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Serve with artichoke for dipping.

Please note that the chef’s knife in the following photo has a 7 inch/18 cm blade. And the diameter of the artichoke is the same!


  1. I love preserved artichokes that you can buy in shops and put them on pizza or pasta. I have never tried to cook one. Do you have any recipes?

  2. Wow, you’re absolutely inspiring! I just added you to my “favorites” list on my first visit. But I would like to know more about you! You only say where you live on your profile…

  3. Dreska – I usually use canned artichokes in the same way you do: on pizza and in pasta dishes. I think that they are also good grilled, but I don’t have any other specific recipes as of yet. Some restaurants make an artichoke crusted chicken breast, but I haven’t experimented with it yet myself.

  4. Wow Nic, that’s like a HUGE artichoke! I’ve only ever tried cooking them myself once – failed miserably! Will try again soon – hopefully!

  5. Zarah – I think the easiest way to cook artichokes is to trim off the stem and about 2 cm of the crown, place in a covered saucepan filled halfway with water and boil it for 30-45 minutes (depending on size – these giants took a while), until you can easily detatch a leaf with your fingers. Drain and eat! Don’t forget to scoop out the choke so you can get to the heart.

  6. Thanks for the tips Nic, I’ll keep that in mind. I think I was too impatient probably, I had no idea they had to cook for that long!

  7. Zarah – I hope your next attempt is more successful! There’s nothing like a nice, tender, hot artichoke.

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