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Iced Lemon Bars

Iced Lemon Bars
When you think of lemon bars, you probably picture the lemon curd-topped treats that make citrus-lovers’ mouths water. I love a good lemon bar – and I have a recipe for perfect ones – but that’s not the only lemon dessert out there when you’re in the mood for a little …

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Baked Lemon Custards

Baked Lemon Custards

Lemon desserts are always a popular choice in my home. Chocolate is delicious, of course, but the bright flavor of lemon always seems to be a bit lighter – and that means that I sometimes find it easier to make room for a lemon dessert than a chocolate one. These Baked Lemon …

Meyer Lemon Curd

Meyer Lemon Curd
Meyer lemons are a hybrid citrus fruit that are a cross between mandarin oranges and lemons. Meyer lemons have a bright lemon flavor, but are much less acidic than a regular lemon. This makes them seem a little sweeter, and their slightly milder flavor allows honey and floral notes to really …

Low Fat Lemon Curd

Light Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is a thick and custardy combination of lemon juice, sugar, eggs and butter. It typically has a silky smooth texture and a bright, zesty flavor. It goes well with scones – especially as a contrast to buttery clotted cream – and is often used as a cake filling

Lemon Meringue Pie Cupcakes

I love these cupcakes. I loved mixing them, filling them and making the meringues. Most of all, I loved eating them.
Did I mention that they are simple to put together and very impressive looking? I was inspired by a recipe from Food&Drink, the …

Lime Curd Thumbprint Cookies

I love citrus curds. Lemon, lime – even orange. They’re velvety, slightly sweet, quite tart and the perfect topping for a wire variety of baked goods.

I am not going to claim that this is the best use for a curd because I still think that my spoon …

Bites from other Blogs

With Valentine’s Day this week, I wasn’t sure whether I should opt for Valentine’s Day-only Bites or if I should just stick to the usual non-holiday-specific assortment. Both options seemed tempting, so as I do when I’m presented with two good looking desserts at the same time, I decided to go with a little of …

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Trader Joe’s Cream Cheese Brioche Pastries, reviewed

Trader Joe's Cream Cheese Brioche Pastries, reviewed

One of the fun things about shopping at Trader Joe’s is that their freezer case is stocked with pastries and other desserts that you won’t see at your average supermarket, from seasonal breakfast pastries to canneles. Trader Joe’s Cream Cheese Brioche Pastries are a new addition that …