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Magimix Vision Toaster, reviewed

Magimix Vision Toaster, reviewed

I love a good piece of toast in the morning. It’s simple, but versatile, so you can enjoy a slice of cinnamon sugar-topped toast or a savory Avocado Toast. I could eat toast just about every day, so my toasters get a lot of use. I say “toasters” because I have had many toasters in my life, and most of them have been pretty lousy. ... Read More »

Avocado Toast with Olive Oil and Sea Salt


Sometimes it is the simple things that are the best, and when I am looking for a quick breakfast or easy afternoon snack, I find that I often turn to making Avocado Toast when avocados are in season.┬áCalifornia avocado season lasts from April through September, and while avocados can be imported from many other countries during the off-season to give me access to avocados year ... Read More »

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