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Homemade Hotteok

One of the first street foods I tried while in Seoul was hotteok, which was recommended to me by The Girl Who Ate Everything just before I left. Hotteok are breads, either baked or fried until crispy, that are filled with a cinnamon-sugar mixture. They’re actually a really simple dish, but quite tasty and a nice sweet afternoon snack. I wanted to try and create ... Read More »

A few foodie observations about Seoul

Happy virus Menu

Before this trip, I wasn’t completely sure what to expect in Seoul. The trip was actually extremely easy in all aspects. Transportation was wonderful and the city was easy to get around in. I also found it easy to communicate with my limited Korean. I can say “hello” and “thank you,” which are two of the most useful words in any language when you’re a ... Read More »

A bite of Seoul street food: Kkultarae

Kkultarae, court cakes

When I first saw someone making kkultarae, I had no idea that a type of candy was being made. I actually thought, from a distance, that the vendors were hand-pulling some exceptionally fine noodles, since the motions that the were making when pulling a white substance into multiple strands looked a lot like the method used to hand-pull noodles. Kkultarae, also known as Korean court ... Read More »

Food on Singapore Airlines

A few years ago, there was a website called Airline Meals where users could upload photos of the various foodstuffs they were served on flights. It listed all different airlines, and had both domestic and international flights in all seating classes. It was fun to look at, even if you weren’t traveling! The site gradually faded away as airlines phased out included meals and replaced ... Read More »

A bite of Seoul food: Korean BBQ

There is a little bit of a gray area between street food and restaurant food in Seoul when it comes to some of the very small restaurants located in market areas. This little restaurant in Namdaemun market, for instance, was actually just a handful of tables set up in the street in front of a small kitchen/store area. When I say tables, I should clarify ... Read More »

A bite of Seoul food: Green Tea Waffle

Waffles are a huge food trend in Seoul. I saw them at coffee shops, restaurants and at stands on their own. I would say that they’re more of a snack or dessert item in Seoul than here in the US, where they’re more often served for breakfast. I even had difficulty finding places to serve them in the early morning in spite of the fact ... Read More »

Street food scenes from Seoul

Fried Hotteok makers

I think that one of the reasons that people who come to Seoul, or any other city that has a fairly large street-food culture, are fascinated with street food is that it’s not something they see all the time. I definitely fall into this category, since even though there are taco trucks in Los Angeles and I can find a bacon-wrapped hot dog after an ... Read More »

Bites of Seoul street food: Sweet and Savory

Silkworm larvae

I ate all kinds of street food while I was in Seoul, not just hotteoks, walnut cakes and tornado potatoes. I would have dedicated a single post to every item, but to be honest, there were some that I just didn’t know enough about to justify doing so! So, I decided to put a little of everything into one post to give you a little ... Read More »

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