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Kaiser Bakeware Braided Bread Mold

Kaiser Braided Loaf Pan

Breads can be baked in rectangular pans, shaped into round boules, divided into dinner rolls or braided into long, elegant loaves. Often, shaping the bread is one thing that intimidates people and keeps them from baking bread in their own kitchens. Working bread dough with your hands is one of the most fun parts of breadmaking, even if it can get a little bit messy ... Read More »

How to Braid Challah: Three, Four and Five Strand Braids

Five Strand Challah Braid

Challah bread is typically braided, whether you are making one that is plain or one that is packed full of raisins. You can treat the dough like any other bread and put it in a loaf and or simply shape it into a round, but the dough is very easy to handle and the finished braids are so beautiful that it is worth putting in ... Read More »

Challah with Raisins

Unbaked Challah braid

I used to go to a bakery that, amongst other things, specialized in baking challah. Challah is a rich egg bread that is made with oil and without butter or milk. It has a similar texture to brioche, very soft verging on flakey, and a very rich texture. Traditionally, the bread is eaten by Jewish people around the sabbath and on holidays and loaves are ... Read More »


Ah, bread! The class I’ve been looking forward to all session! True – I have been looking forward to all the classes, but I am always looking to improve my bread baking skills. We started off by talking about yeast. Freeze dried yeast and cake yeast are the two types of yeast most commonly available to home bakers. Cake yeast is preferred by bakers because ... Read More »

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