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Mango and Blackberry Cobbler

What kind of fruit do you put in cobblers? I tend to use apples and cherries a lot, but will try ti mix it up with different berries from time to time, depending on what’s in season or what frozen berries I have in my freezer that need to be used up. I usually turn to berries by default, but realistically you can put just ... Read More »

Blackberry Clafoutis

Blackberry Clafoutis

When you have fresh berries around, a clafoutis is a great way to showcase them. A clafoutis is a French dessert that is somewhere between a cake and a custard. It is just firm enough to slice easily, as cakes are, but it is based heavily in milk and egg, and has a lovely custard flavor and texture to it. The vanilla-scented batter is a ... Read More »

Blackberry Raspberry Pie

Blackberry Raspberry Pie, whole

I have a lot of berries in my freezer, frozen when they were ripe and fresh this past summer (and some in bags from Trader Joe’s, too). Frozen berries work just as well in recipes as fresh berries, especially in breads and muffins where they’re stirred into batter individually. When you’re dealing with a lot of frozen berries, however, you sometimes need to make some ... Read More »

Blackberry Cobbler

cobbler, served

Sometimes I think of cobbler as pie for lazy people, as it delivers all the delicious flavor of a well-made fruit pie without requiring you to go to any of the trouble of making a full pie crust. Or at least, I tend to make them when I want something homey without the effort of doing a full pie from scratch. They’re definitely a favorite summer ... Read More »

Whole Grain Pancakes with Blackberry Maple Syrup

Sometimes, I get tired of plain or simple buttermilk pancakes. Part of the reason is that I like a lot of variety in my foods and a part of the reason is this blog. Not that I’m begrudging my own blog anything, but posting does keep me from repeating myself too often. I stumbled upon this pancake recipe on Epicurious when I was looking for ... Read More »

Blackberry Almond Tarts

Part of the appeal of tart is that the dough tends to be more forgiving than pie dough, so you can get in a lovely fruit dessert without having to worry about rolling and trimming dough. Tart crusts are generally pressed into place and take the exact shape of the tart pan. They are meant to be more crumbly and less flaky than a pie ... Read More »

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