Brown cupcake wrappers from Martha Stewart

Black and brown cupcake wrappers are surprisingly difficult to find, even though they look fantastic with most cupcake and muffin varieties. Last year there was a bit of a frenzy on the food blogs as bakers tried to find stores that reliably carried them. Home bakers wanted them as a change from the standard white, pastel and silver wrappers carried in most grocery stores. Food ... Read More »

Risks of a liquid lunch

At Purdue University, researchers have been studying the effect that a liquid lunch hasĀ on our everyday diets. And no, they’re not talking about that kind of liquid lunch. In this case, they’re talking about drinking a significant number of calories in a liquid form on top of eating solid foods. The researchers found out that not only do many people consume more calories during that ... Read More »

How to prevent a cake from sticking

foil wrapped cake

A common problem that bakers encounter is having a cake, or other baked good, stick to the bottom of the pan when they try to remove it. Even greasing the pan isn’t guaranteed to work 100% of the time. Sometimes, the high sugar content of the food you’re baking, such as brownies, leads to a high amount of caramelization – and therefore stickiness – along ... Read More »

Cupcakes for sale, free car with purchase

Everyone likes to get something for free. The idea that you’re getting a little something extra can really sweeten the deal when you’re making a purchase. A, who blogs at Never Bashful With Butter, took the idea of sweetening a deal a step further and gave away a batch of her impressive homemade cupcakes to the person who purchased her car. Or, if you want ... Read More »

Dave’s Turkey Chili

dave's chili

It’s great to have friends that are good cooks. Not only do they appreciate your efforts in the kitchen when you cook for them, but they are a great source of new recipes. My friend Dave gave me his excellent turkey chili recipe, which is popular with his firefighting buddies (he’s a firefighter, too), as well as with anyone else who has it. This chili ... Read More »

Octopus Cake Pan

octopus cake

Want to get away from traditional round, square and bundt cake pans and find something more creative? Check out the Octopus Cake Pan at Williams-Sonoma. It’s not going to win any awards for practicality – unless you’re a marine biologist who likes to bake cakes for all your marine biologist buddies – but it is a beautifully put together design with lots of great details. ... Read More »

Multigrain donuts from Krispy Kreme

Bread or pastry made with whole grains has an advantage over those made with plain white flour because they have more heart-healthy fiber in the finished product. If you eat a lot of bread, switching to a whole grain version can have a positive impact on your diet. If you only eat a sandwich once in a while, it doesn’t make that much difference. And ... Read More »

More food ads, more likely to overeat?

Today’s Wall Street JournalĀ asks “does food advertising on television make you eat more?” According to some new research in Britain, it does when kids are concerned. A study had kids ranging in age from 5 to 11 watch a video that had some children’s programming (cartoon, “family” shows, etc) and common ads for toys or food products that generally appear on air with the shows. ... Read More »

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