Baking Bites, baking powder and baking soda on Ask Aida

Here’s a big thank you to everyone who submitted questions to the Food Network’s Ask Aida through this site when I put out a call for them a few weeks ago. One of our questions made the finished video clip! The question is “What exactly is the difference between the effects of baking powder and baking soda?” and it was submitted by Laura. On the ... Read More »

Snowflake Cake and Mini Cake Pans

Snowflake Cake and Mini Cake Pans

The Igloo Cake pan is probably my favorite new piece of bakeware this season, but Wilton’s Snowflake Cake Pan and Mini Snowflake Cake Pans come in a very close second. The pans have a great amount of detail in them, blowing up a tiny winter symbol to avery visible – not to mention delicious – size. The large pan bakes a deep, single snowflake, while ... Read More »

Black and White Chocolate Bark

Black and White Chocolate Bark

Homemade treats are great gifts for the holidays, whether you want to bake cookies or make candies. One of the easiest – and tastiest – treats to make is chocolate bark. Chocolate bark, in its simplest form, is a relatively thin sheet of chocolate studded with nuts, dried fruits or even candies. The sheet of bark is set and then broken into uneven pieces to ... Read More »

Reusing parchment paper?

Parchment paper with cookie dough

I always recommend that you line baking sheets with parchment paper, instead of simply greasing them or trying to rely on a nonstick surface. It is the best way to ensure that nothing sticks to your pan and it makes clean up very easy because it can be thrown away when you’re done. When you have to do a lot of baking – especially when ... Read More »

Eggnog Bread Pudding with Bourbon Cranberries

Eggnog Bread Pudding slice

Eggnog is a holiday tradition and, in fact, it is one of those few items that you can really only find during the holiday season (unless you make it yourself, of course). It is rich, eggy and has a unique flavor to it. Most people drink it straight, or with a bit of liquor added to it, but eggnog can be used for all kinds ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Scones can be on the decadent side of things for a breakfast option because they are usually loaded with butter and cream. Fresh from the Oven‘s scones omit the butter, however, replacing it with far more decadent bittersweet chocolate in Alice Medrich’s Cream Scones with Chocolate Chunks. You can use chocolate chips in this recipe, but you will get to enjoy the chocolate to its ... Read More »

Igloo Cake Pan

Igloo Cake Pan

If you’re looking for a seasonal cake pan that isn’t directly attached to a particular holiday, NordicWare’s brand new Igloo Cake Pan could be perfect. The heavy duty aluminum pan has a great amount of detail worked into it that makes the finished cake really look as though it has been pieced together with blocks (albeit blocks of cake, not blocks of ice!). The pan ... Read More »

Nestle Swirled Holiday Morsels, reviewed

Nestle Swirled Holiday Morsels

I used food coloring to put a swirl into my candy cane cupcakes. Nestle clearly had the same idea when they came up with their Swirled Holiday Morsels – a.k.a. red, white and green white baking chips. Their chips have broader applications than my cupcakes do and are an interesting way to help us infuse a little color into our holiday baking. The chips are ... Read More »

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