Crazy Crust Cranberry Sauce Pie

Crazy Crust Cranberry Pie

“Crazy crust pie” is a style of pie that I discovered on the back of one of my grandmother’s recipe cards. Instead of making a traditional crust, you prepare a buttery batter and layer lots of fruit on top of it. That batter transforms into a “crazy crust” in the oven, somewhere between cake batter and shortbread, that provides a wonderful contrast for a wide ... Read More »

Baking Bites’ Last-Minute Thanksgiving Prep Posts

Turkey Dinner

Thanksgiving is now right around the corner and, if you’re like me, there is always something that you leave until the last minute. Sometimes I forget to buy cranberries, sometimes I haven’t decided how I’m going to cook the turkey. Whatever that last minute problem is, these posts will help you troubleshoot anything that pops up – though if you did forget something at the ... Read More »

Orange Pecan Chess Pie

Orange Pecan Chess Pie

Chess pie is an easy to make custard pie that is a Southern classic and a favorite in my home. Not only is the pie delicious, but it happens to be exceptionally easy to make. For me, that means I can whip one up on relatively short notice and easily play around with different flavors in my pies. This particular pie is anĀ Orange Pecan Chess ... Read More »

Trader Joe’s Pecan Pie Filling in a Jar, reviewed

Trader Joe's Pecan Pie Filling, reviewed

Pecan pie is a staple at many Thanksgiving tables and a solid dessert option throughout the holiday season. The most traditional pecan pies are made with a lot of corn syrup and a lot of pecans, leading to a pie that has a sticky sweet base and a nutty, crunchy topping. Pecan pies are not difficult to make, but they are difficult to make well ... Read More »

How to Cut a Pecan Pie Perfectly

How to Cut a Pecan Pie Perfectly

Pecan pies are notoriously difficult to slice neatly. Pecan pies have a layer of pecans – often whole pecans, rather than chopped nuts, because they give the pie a prettier look – sitting on top of a sweet, tender custard. While you can cut most pies with a sharp chef’s knife, the knife will simply push the pecans through the custard before cutting through the ... Read More »

Prohibition Bakery

Prohibition Bakery

Prohibition was a ban on the sale and production of alcoholic beverages. Though it was difficult to get a drink, it was not impossible, and bootlegging and speakeasies were common. We don’t need to sneak into a speakeasy to get a drink these days, but there is still a little thrill when you find alcohol in an unexpected place. In this case, that place is ... Read More »

Baking Bites for Craftsy: Classic Spoon Bread

Homemade Spoonbread

Dinner rolls usually make an appearance at the Thanksgiving dinner table, along with a variety of other side dishes. I enjoy breads of all kinds with a big dinner, from whole wheat rolls to sourdough bread to spoon bread. Spoon bread is a souffle-like cornbread that, as the name suggests, should be scooped and served with a spoon, rather than sliced like regular bread. I’m ... Read More »

How to Prevent a Pie Crust from Overbrowning

How to Avoid Overbrowning a Pie Crust

The edges of a pie crust are always at risk for overbrowning, especially when it comes to pies that are blind baked before the filling is added to them. The edges of a pie crust are often a bit closer to the heat source of the oven than other parts of the pie and they are not buffered by a filling or a pie plate, ... Read More »

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