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Macaron Fetish

Macaron FetishMacarons are a delicacy, one of those treats that – unlike cupcakes – you can’t find just everywhere. When you find a good one, the combination of crisp exterior, chewy interior and flavorful filling is just about heaven. It can be hard to find a bakery that carries good macarons, so macaron-lovers often try …

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Macaron Magic

Macaron MagicMacarons, the delicate French almond-based meringue cookies, have a reputation for being as difficult to make as they are delicious. The small cookies require a bit of practice and a bit of luck to get right in most cases. Of course, having some good directions to follow will help you become …

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What are macarons?

French macarons are thin, flavorful meringue cookies that are sandwiched together with some kind of filling. The meringues are what make the cookies unique. They have a smooth, crisp shell and a moist, chewy interior. They are made with egg whites and lots of ground nuts, which helps them to attain that chewy …

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