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What is Nutritional Yeast?

What is Nutritional Yeast?

When you think about yeast, you probably think about bread dough, beer or one of the other foods where the single-celled organisms are used to produce rise and bubbles. Yeast is nearly always active – a.k.a. alive – when it is used in a recipe. Nutritional yeast is deactivated yeast that is used as a dietary supplement and flavoring agent instead of as a rising ... Read More »

Does my bread need salt?

Freshly baked bread

Basic bread has yeast, flour, water and salt as its primary ingredients. Whether you add in the yeast yourself as active dry or instant yeast, or rely on naturally occurring yeast, as you might for a sourdough bread, the basic bread ingredients don’t change. I often have people questioning the addition of salt to bread and it’s not difficult to see why. When you bake ... Read More »

A plushie for bakers

I have always liked the giant microbes collection of plushies, which consists of soft and cuddly versions of various microorganisms. Most are cute versions of decidedly un-cute diseases -┬áchicken pox, mad cow, the flu, etc. – but there is one that, as a baker, immediately caught my interest. The yeast plushie is an adorably blown-up version of the yeast used in bread and beer making. ... Read More »

Active Dry, Instant and Rapid Rise yeasts

Yeast is a living organism, a microorganism that (usually in conjunction with many of its friends) converts sugar into carbon dioxide, producing bubbles in bread dough and giving us lovely, light loaves at the end of the process. There are really two options available to the baker when he or she wants to make bread: use a starter that contains naturally captured yeast, or use ... Read More »

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