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Peeps Krispy Treats

Peeps Krispy Treats

Even though Peeps are now going to be available year-round, I will always associate them with Easter and spring. They were always my favorite springtime treat when I was a kid and I keep finding new ways to use them this time of year, though I don’t inhale them quite as quickly as I did when I was 10. Last year, I turned a batch ... Read More »

Thick Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Thick Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Colorfully decorated, thickly-cut sugar cookies are some of the most eye catching cookies in any bakery case. They’re the most popular with kids, but I sometimes find myself caving in and getting one just because they look so appealing. This type of cookie tends to be more about the frosting than the cookie, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have one that actually tastes ... Read More »

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