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Williams Sonoma All Purpose Pan

Williams Sonoma All Purpose Pan

My kitchen is packed with pans of all shapes and sizes, and I put most of them to use on a regular basis. There are a few pans, however, that get a lot more use than the others because I can use them for so many things. In my case, these pans are traditional sheet pans and smaller jelly roll pans, which can be used ... Read More »

Williams-Sonoma Snack Bar Pan

Williams-Sonoma Snack Bar Pan

I enjoy making homemade granola bars and other snack bars, especially when I am planning a long hike, road trip or other activity where I need to have a good supply of snacks. I typically make the bars in large baking pans, then cut them down to the size that I need. This system works well, but anyone who has made a homemade granola bar ... Read More »

Celebration Cake Pans

Celebration Cake Pans

Layer cakes are usually made with layers of plain, round cakes, stacked up to turn a simple dessert into a dramatic centerpiece. Occasionally, you will see a layer cake that uses square cakes for a slightly unusual look, but round is the standard for layer cakes. Williams Sonoma recently introduced layer cake pans with a little extra flair that will give your cakes a slightly ... Read More »

Williams Sonoma Natural Sprinkles

Williams Sonoma Sprinkles

There are many people out there who would prefer to keep artificial colors out of their food. Fortunately, there are a few options to choose from when it comes to natural food colorings, so you can still bake a red velvet cake. But sprinkles and other decorative toppings give you fewer choices when it comes to natural colorings – and sometimes there is nothing like ... Read More »

Emile Henri Artisan Ruffle Pie Dish, reviewed

Artisan Ruffle Pie Dish

Emile Henri is a French brand that has been known for their ceramic bakeware since the 1850s. Their products usually have a distinct look and come in array of bright colors, thanks to the shiny glazes that they use to finish their pieces. Their Artisan Ruffle Pie Dish, which is available at Williams Sonoma, caught my eye recently and I decided that I had to ... Read More »

Do-It-Yourself Cookie Cutter Kit

Cookie Cutter Set

The idea of a Do-It-Yourself Cookie Cutter Kit may sound a bit silly at first, because most cookie cutters allow you to “do it yourself” and punch out cookie dough in a variety of shapes and sizes. What makes this kit unique is that it allows you to do so many different things with your cookie dough when it comes to punching out shapes and ... Read More »

Williams Sonoma Coconut Cupcake Mix, reviewed

Williams Sonoma Coconut Cupcakes

Williams Sonoma stocks a wide range of premium baking mixes, most of which are from famous bakeries and restaurants. For instance, they stock many mixes from Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc. Recently, however, they’ve expanded their offerings to include some of their own baking mixes, including a line of cupcake mixes. I immedately liked the packaging of their new mixes, but I was also interested in ... Read More »

Marvel Cakelet Pan

Marvel Cakelets

Whether you’re reading about them in comic books or watching them in summer blockbusters, there is something about the speed, strength and other special abilities of superheroes that makes them captivating to people of all ages. Granted, you might not want to plaster your bedroom with Spiderman wall paper – but you might very well have done that as a kid and you almost certainly ... Read More »

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