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Topsy Turvy Mad Dadder Cake Pans

Mad Dadder Pans

Topsy turvy cakes are a very popular design theme, whether you’re designing a Mad Hatter-inspired birthday cake or want a wedding cake that stands out. These cakes are typically made by baking round cakes, then trimming and shaping them to get them to sit at the correct angles for the topsy turvy look. It’s a process that is best learned through trial and error – ... Read More »

Florist Measuring Cups

Florist Measuring Cups

Nothing says whimsical like a Mad Hatter-esque cake at a party, but there is no reason that there shouldn’t be a little bit of whimsy in your everyday baking, as well. These Florist Measuring Cups are just right for the job. Each measure in this sweet set is shaped like a different flower and painted inside and out. They’re stoneware and very durable, despite their ... Read More »

Topsy Turvy Cake Pan

Topsy Turvy Cake Pan

Whimsical cakes, with their irregularly shaped, tilting layers and brightly colored frosting, are just as popular as they ever were, even though they are far more common than they were just a few short years ago. At least, they’re now as common in the shops of professional cake decorators as they are at the Mad Hatter’s tea party table. The cakes are made by shaping ... Read More »

Make a whimsical cake

whimsical cakes

“Whimsical” cakes are the kind that the Mad Hatter served at his tea party in Alice in Wonderland - or at least, the kind that he would have served if Lewis Carroll or Disney had come up with them. The name could apply to any creatively decorated cake, but it primarily refers to funky, tilting cakes that are constructed in such a way that they look ... Read More »

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