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Baking Bites for Craftsy: You’ll Want to Try This Vinegar Pie

Baking Bites for Craftsy: Vinegar Pie

Pies come in all kinds of delicious flavors, from apple to lemon to peanut butter. Every flavor can be delicious, but sometimes it is the unexpected flavors that can really impress you. Vinegar is an unexpected pie ingredient, but it is the star of this unusual Vinegar Pie recipe, which I’m sharing over on the Craftsy blog (it’s free!) right now. This is an old ... Read More »

Blueberry Drinking Shrub

How to Make a Blueberry Shrub - and a delicious homemade soda recipe

The next time you have a surplus of fruit in your kitchen, consider putting the extras to use in a batch of homemade shrub. Shrubs are an old fashioned way of preserving summer fruit for the off season by combining the fruit with vinegar and sugar. The combination is sweet, tart and tangy – and much, much more delicious than a drink made primarily with ... Read More »

Flaky Vinegar Pie Crust

Vinegar Pie Crust

The basic ingredients in a pie crust are butter, flour, salt and water. I typically add in a little bit of sugar, even if I’m making a savory pie, because it helps the crust to brown more. One ingredient that you can add to a pie crust that is a little more unusual is vinegar. Vinegar helps tenderize pie dough because it slightly inhibits gluten ... Read More »

Using vinegar in baking


Vinegar is a surprisingly common ingredient in baked goods, considering that it has such a sharp flavor. But as an acid, vinegar is often included in cake and cookie batters to react with baking soda and start the chemical reaction needed to produce carbon dioxide and give those batters a lift as they bake. One of my favorite cake recipes takes advantage of this reaction: ... Read More »

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