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Twinkie Cupcakes

Twinkie Cupcake, cream filling

Twinkies are a pop culture icon, as well as a snack cake. They’re something that everyone can recognize, even if your mom never packed one of the cream filled sponge cakes in your lunchbox when you were a kid. I remember having them as an occasional treat at lunch (usually when I managed to trade snacks with a friend whose mom packed unhealthier treats in ... Read More »

Twinkies Back on Shelves 7/15/13

Twinkie Graphic

Ever since Hostess closed its doors late last year, consumers have been anxiously awaiting the fate of Twinkies, one of the most iconic snack cakes there is. Taste tests were conducted to see if Twinkie clones were an acceptable subsitute, but a buyer was found for the brand and they promised that Twinkies would make a comeback after being off store shelves for more than ... Read More »

Fat Daddio’s Crème Snack Cake Pan

Fat Daddio Twinkie Pan

Twinkies are an American snack cake icon that have been a lunchbox favorite for decades. Their unusual shape makes the instantly recognizable, whether you happen to be a fan of the cream filled cakes or not. It was only a few months ago that Hostess, the company behind Twinkies and other snack cakes, announced that they would declare bankruptcy and discontinue the snack cakes. A ... Read More »

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