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How to Chop Chocolate

How to Chop Chocolate

There are many recipes that call for chopped chocolate, from fudgy brownies that need melted chocolate for the batter to chocolate chunk cookies that should be loaded with generously sized pieces. Chopping your own chocolate for baking recipes allows you to have complete control over the chocolate, so you can give yourself very finely-chopped chocolate for a quick and even melt or coarsely-chopped chocolate for ... Read More »

Vanilla Bean Holiday Mendiants

Vanilla Bean Holiday Mendiants

Mendiants are one of my favorite chocolates to make because they are easy, delicious and versatile. Mendiants are bite-sized chocolate rounds that are topped with dried fruits, nuts and other goodies – rather like a bite sized candy bar. I make them for many different occasions throughout the year, and I use white, milk and dark chocolate depending on what type of treat I am ... Read More »

Chocolate-Dipped Chocolate Caramel Sandwich Cookies

Chocolate-Dipped Chocolate Caramel Sandwich Cookies, undipped

Dark chocolate, vanilla bean caramel and buttery chocolate shortbread cookies are the three components that make up these Chocolate-Dipped Chocolate Caramel Sandwich Cookies. They’re definitely a cut above your average cookie, with three components that are incredibly delicious on their own and even better when they’re combined. They do take a little extra effort to put together, but you can’t beat these when you are ... Read More »

Scientists create lower fat chocolate with fruit juice

Chocolate Science

Chocolate is practically synonymous with indulgence, and people love it. But it is no surprise that there are many people and companies that want to take the indulgence out of it so that we can all eat it with less guilt. Smaller packaging has probably been the most successful method, since chocolate – by law – must contain nothing more than cocoa butter, cocoa solids, ... Read More »

Conversation Heart Mendiants for Valentines

Conversation Heart Mendiants for Valentines

These Conversation Hearts Mendiants just might be the easiest and cutest treat you can make for Valentine’s Day. They’re simply rounds of dark chocolate that are topped off with conversation hearts, so they are not only sweet, but they deliver a sweet message to your Valentine! I used Sweethearts – the original conversation hearts  - in these treats and found that they actually pair very ... Read More »

Melted Snowman Chocolates

Snowmen in progress

There is no better way to bring a little dose of cuteness to your holiday table than with some of these Melted Snowman Chocolates. I first saw this kind of design on a gourmet cookie available at a local specialty store. The cookie version appeared to be entirely made out of icing, but I wanted to turn it into a candy version that could stand ... Read More »

Chocolate Mendiants

Piping mendiants

Once you have mastered the process of tempering chocolate, you are going to want to be able to do something with all of it. One of the simplest options for your tempered chocolate is using it to dip strawberries, homemade marshmallows or other goodies that you already have around the house that could use a layer of chocolate. The next simplest option is to make ... Read More »

How to Temper Chocolate at Home

Melted Chocolate

Tempered chocolate is very glossy, has a firm finish and melts smoothly at around body temperature. Simply melting the chocolate before you use it to dip berries, truffles or other goodies does not temper it. The process of tempering involves raising and lowering the temperature of the chocolate to encourage strong, organized crystallization of the cocoa butter so that the finished chocolate will have that ... Read More »

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