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Trader Joe’s Black Forest Cupcake Black Tea, reviewed

Trader Joe's Black Forest Cupcake Black Tea, reviewed

When I think of tea, I don’t usually think of dessert – though when I think of dessert, I often think of pairing it with tea. This Black Forest Cupcake Tea from Trader Joe’s, however, just might qualify as both. The dessert-inspired black tea is made with cocoa bean shells, carob, chicory, sasparilla and other spicy, chocolate flavors. As a fan of the classic chocolate ... Read More »

Owl’s Brew “Classic” Tea Cocktail Mixer, reviewed

The Owl's Brew Tea Cocktail Mixer, reviewed

The most common cocktail mixers out there are sour mix (lemon/lime and sugar) and sodas, but there are actually a wide variety of mixers out there, including some very unique ones!┬áThe Owl’s Brew is an option that is tea-based cocktail mixer. While there are many coffee- based cocktails, there haven’t been a tremendous number of tea-based ones until recently, when a trend at many cocktail ... Read More »

How to Use Tea in Baked Goods

How to Bake With Tea

At its simplest, tea is a beverage made from pouring hot water over cured tea leaves. We have a huge variety of teas available to us because it is easy to add flowers, spices and herbs to those basic leaves to create a wide range of wonderful beverages in all kinds of different flavors. Tea can be a wonderful addition to baked goods because of ... Read More »

Earl Grey and Lemon Mug Cake

Earl Grey and Lemon Mug Cake

Mug cakes are a lot of fun to make because they allow you to bake up a cake in less than five minutes, start to finish. I tend to experiment with flavors in mug cakes even more than traditional cakes because I know that I’m not sacrificing a lot of time or ingredients if a flavor combination doesn’t turn out to have the “wow” factor ... Read More »

Tiki Iced Tea

Tiki Iced Tea

Iced tea is a wonderful summertime drink because it is always very refreshing when it is hot out. Much of the time, however, iced tea doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves because it is considered by many to be plain and a bit boring. Iced tea doesn’t have to be boring. It can easily be dressed up with all kinds of different flavors to ... Read More »

Homemade Auga de Jamaica

Homemade Jamaica

Agua frescas, or “fresh waters”, are one of my favorite types of drinks to cool down with on a hot day. The drinks are made with fruits, flowers, grains or seeds that are blended with sugar and water to create a refreshing beverage. Horchata is just one example of this type of beverage, and it is a staple at most of the Mexican restaurants I ... Read More »

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is a golfer, widely considered to be one of the best golfers in history, in fact. Arnold Palmer is also a drink and, as this is a food blog and not a sports one, it’s also the one that I’m talking about today. The drink is a mixture of half iced tea and half lemonade and for many – including Arnold Palmer and ... Read More »

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