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Homemade Strawberry Sodas

Homemade Strawberry Sodas

As a kid, we didn’t have that much soda growing up and, as a result, I always looked forward to parties and play dates where soda might be available and I could indulge that particular sweet tooth. The fruity sodas were always a lot of fun, whether I was sipping orange, grape or strawberry. Not only were they flavorful – and sweet enough to satisfy ... Read More »

Irish Cream Egg Cream

Irish Cream Egg Cream

The other day, I showed you how to make classic Chocolate Egg Cream at home. These soda fountain treats were all the rage back when the counter at the local pharmacy was the hottest spot in town to hang out – and they still have plenty of fans today. Despite the name, egg creams contain neither egg nor cream. They’re made with chocolate syrup, milk ... Read More »

Homemade Chocolate Egg Creams

Homemade Chocolate Egg Cream

Egg creams are a classic soda fountain drink that dates back to the pharmacies/soda fountains of the late 19th century. The drink’s origins are actually unknown, but there are plenty of theories out there, including the idea that the name arose from the mispronunciation of the phrase “a cream.” Most of the mystery stems from the fact that egg creams, despite the name, actually include ... Read More »

Homemade Soda

Homemade Soda: 200 Recipes for Making & Using Fruit Sodas & Fizzy Juices, Sparkling Waters, Root Beers & Cola Brews, Herbal & Healing Waters, ... & Floats, & Other Carbonated Concoctions

Soda is a daily indulgence for some and an occasional treat for other, but no matter how often you have some of the sweet, bubbly beverage, you probably haven’t considered making your own soda at home. Sodas are actually very simple concoctions, consisting of a sweet, concentrated syrup that is cut with carbonated water to give it a light, bubbly, refreshing feel. Homemade Soda: 200 ... Read More »

Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Root Beer Float Cupcakes, in progress

I have been itching to make some root beer cupcakes with my bottle of Sonoma Syrup Co’s Root Beer Syrup because the syrup is so flavorful and seemed like it would pass on a great root beer flavor into baked goods. The syrup has concentrated the root beer flavor and it comes through much more strongly (and more naturally) than using root beer-flavored extract might. ... Read More »

Sonoma Syrup Co.’s Root Beer Soda Syrup, reviewed

Fresh Root Beer

Root beer is one of my favorite soda flavors, so I couldn’t walk by the bottles of Sonoma Syrup Co.’s Root Beer Soda Syrup in Williams Sonoma without picking one up to try (they had cola and lemon-lime, too). I like a lot of the other products from Sonoma Syrup Co, including their vanilla bean crush, so I had fairly high hopes for the root ... Read More »

Coca-Cola Cake

Coca-Cola Cake, the sheet cake

I was recently watching a documentary on the history of the Coca-Cola company and it got me thinking about whether I could use Coke in baking. I’ve used sodas, like root beer, before in barbecue sauces, but would the flavor of the soda come through in a cake or other baked good? I didn’t have to wonder for long because it turns out that there ... Read More »

Root Beer Brownies

Dr Brown's Root Beer

Beer is a major ingredient in a lot of recipes. Guinness, in particular – not to mention other dark stouts – works its way into quite a few baked goods. It pairs especially well with chocolate because of its naturally dark, chocolaty flavor, so Guinness Cupcakes and Guinness Chocolate Cake are fairly common. Guinness Brownies are not seen quite as often, but work for much ... Read More »

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